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Mozilla Is Financially Supporting A Method To Add Julia In Firefox

Mozilla is financially supporting a project for offering the Julia programming language to the general browser surroundings including Firefox. The project got funding portion for the H1 of 2019 of the Mozilla Research Grants, which the browser manufacturer declared last week.

In April, when Mozilla started 2019 submissions period for research awards, the agency claimed it was seeking for a method to bring scientific computing and data science tools to the web. It claimed that it was particularly interested in getting submissions about funding Julia and R at the browser level. Both Julia and R are programming languages developed for high-performance statistical, numerical, and computational science.

Mozilla employees have operated in earlier years to transfer such tools at the browser level, the fraction of Project Iodide. Earlier, a fraction of this project, Mozilla employees ported the Python interpreter to operate in the browser with the help of web assembly.

“Pyodide, this project, has shown the practicality of operating language interpreters in web assembly,” Mozilla employees claimed. In April, Mozilla claimed it was ready to employ a research fund to support a team of engineers to port either Julia or R via web assembly to the browser. The end result must be a Firefox plugin, same as to how Pyodide operates.

A member of the official Julia group and an MIT student, Valentin Churavy, has applied for a Mozilla research funding, which he received subsequently.

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